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Here Is What You <br/>Need to Know , About Eggs During <br/>the Shortage.<br/>An outbreak of avian flu has led to nationwide shortages of eggs in the U.S.<br/>When customers can find eggs, <br/>they are often overpriced.<br/>The egg shortage has reanimated old controversies about eggs, including whether or not they are actually healthy.<br/>[Eggs have] been pooh-poohed <br/>for so long, Dr. Selvi Rajagopal, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, via 'The New York Times'.<br/>Researchers and nutritionists say that some of the <br/>bad rap eggs have gotten is undeserved.<br/>On the other hand, they say that the miracle cures attributed to eggs are inaccurate. .<br/>Concerning the cholesterol <br/>contained in an egg's yolk, most <br/>nutritionists agree that what is gained <br/>overrides the negative aspects.<br/>There’s really more pros than cons, Beth Czerwony, Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Human Nutrition, via 'The New York Times'.<br/>You get high protein for <br/>low calories, Bethany Doerfler, Dietitian at Northwestern University, via 'The New York Times'.<br/>However, researchers caution against putting all your eggs in one nutritional basket.<br/>Eggs are getting a lot of <br/>the spotlight, Bethany Doerfler, Dietitian at Northwestern University, via 'The New York Times'.<br/>But they’re one small piece of a <br/>dietary pattern, Bethany Doerfler, Dietitian at Northwestern University, via 'The New York Times'.<br/>While eggs offer a great deal of nutrition, <br/>researchers say a balanced, realistic assessment <br/>of their value is the best approach.<br/>We’re looking at reality and balance not fear-mongering <br/>and scaring people, Samantha Heller, Senior Clinical Nutritionist at N.Y.U. Langone Health, via 'The New York Times'
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The Reality of a Nine-Food Diet !
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Kenzo 2 / Charmx Archive
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Break These Eating Habits, to Take Good Care of Your Heart.<br/>These five habits could be setting you <br/>up for future struggles with heart disease, <br/>which is the leading cause of death in the U.S.<br/>1, Too many foods with <br/>high-sugar content.<br/>Excess sugar causes excess insulin release, which causes irritation and plaque development in blood vessels, Stephen T. Sinatra, Heart MD Institute <br/>Founder, via 'Eat This, Not That'.<br/>2, Too much salt.<br/>Consuming too much salt causes high blood pressure, which ties to heart disease, Suzanne Steinbaum, MD Mount Sinai Hospital, via 'Eat This, Not That'.<br/>3, Drinking soda.<br/>Both sugary regular sodas and artificially sweetened <br/>diet sodas can wreak havoc on your heart.<br/>4, Excessive saturated fat.<br/>Too much butter, cheese, <br/>red meat or processed foods can <br/>greatly increase your risk of heart disease.<br/>5, Too little fiber in your diet.<br/>Dietary fiber is known to bind with cholesterol and help with cholesterol reduction, as well as play a role in regulating blood sugar levels, Kara Landau, Registered Dietician, <br/>via 'Eat This, Not That'
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A man lost over half a stone despite eating 10 slices of pizza every day for a month - and is now more ripped than when he started.<br/><br/>Personal trainer Ryan Mercer, 34, ate pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner and managed to lose a whopping three and a half kilograms during the 30-day challenge.<br/><br/>He took on the challenge to show how calorie deficit diets allow people to lose weight without restricting their favourite foods.<br/><br/>Ryan, from Bangor in Northern Ireland, carefully planned his diet and made all the pizzas himself, while maintaining his usual exercise regime.<br/><br/>He said: \
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Jeffy's Universe
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