Emergency prepper grows 900lbs of fruit and veg a year with enough in the cupboard to last a YEAR - and even has earthquake survival kits from nkauj open bath Watch Video


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✓ Published: 20-Mar-2023
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Meet the emergency prepper who grows 900lbs of fruit and vegetables with enough in the cupboard to last a year - and even has earthquake survival kits.<br/><br/>Kerrina Sanchez, 37, lives on a quarter acre of land with her husband, Jason, 34, and their three children - and they grow 80 per cent of the food they consume.<br/><br/>She began prepping during lockdown after it \

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Meet the emergency prepper who grows 900lbs of fruit and vegetables with enough in the cupboard to last a year - and even has earthquake survival kits.&#60;br/&#62;&#60;br/&#62;Kerrina Sanchez, 37, lives on a quarter acre of land with her husband, Jason, 34, and their three children - and they grow 80 per cent of the food they consume.&#60;br/&#62;&#60;br/&#62;She began prepping during lockdown after it &#92;
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Meet the premature 2lbs 13oz baby who was born so small at 28 weeks he was dwarfed by his teddy.&#60;br/&#62;&#60;br/&#62;Elias Del Collo was born 12 weeks early and spent 98 days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) fighting for his life.&#60;br/&#62;&#60;br/&#62;His mum, Rebekah, 36, had started haemorrhaging and was blue-lighted to Inspira Hospital, New Jersey, US, where Elias was born just hours later.&#60;br/&#62;&#60;br/&#62;The tiny tot was immediately whisked to the NICU with a faint heartbeat.&#60;br/&#62;&#60;br/&#62;After four days, Elias developed a septic shock and was flown to another hospital - Nemours Children&#39;s Hospital, Delaware, US - &#60;br/&#62;&#60;br/&#62;After being diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, visual impairment and chronic lung disease, Rebekah is happy her son defied the odds after doctors warned he wouldn&#39;t make it.&#60;br/&#62;&#60;br/&#62;Elias is now a cheeky two-year-old who loves listening to music and he still has the teddy he cuddled up to in NICU - affectionally named nut nut.&#60;br/&#62;&#60;br/&#62;Rebekah, a stay-at-home care, from Deptford, New Jersey, US, said: &#92;
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Lynne Griffiths and Rachael Milne discuss the importance of Chuter Ede Community Centre to the local community.
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Atmospheric River Storms , Help to Ease California Water Restrictions for Millions.&#60;br/&#62;&#39;The Guardian&#39; reports that the state&#39;s &#60;br/&#62;11th atmospheric river has allowed water restrictions &#60;br/&#62;for close to 7 million people to come to an end.&#60;br/&#62;The restrictions were imposed last year, &#60;br/&#62;but recent storms have refilled reservoirs&#60;br/&#62;and renewed the snowpack.&#60;br/&#62;However, California is still &#60;br/&#62;recovering from these storms. .&#60;br/&#62;Thousands are without power or are &#60;br/&#62;under evacuation warnings.&#60;br/&#62;Parts of the Pacific Coast Highway &#60;br/&#62;have been closed due to flooding.&#60;br/&#62;43 out of 58 counties have been &#60;br/&#62;declared to be in states of emergency.&#60;br/&#62;The extent of the damage &#60;br/&#62;has yet to be determined.&#60;br/&#62;On March 15, Governor Gavin Newsom said that the state could possibly have another atmospheric river next week.&#60;br/&#62;Look back – last few years in this state, it’s been fire to ice with no warm bath in between, Governor Gavin Newsom, via statement.&#60;br/&#62;If anyone has any doubt about Mother Nature and her fury, if anyone has any doubt about what this is all about in terms of what’s happening to the climate and the changes that we are experiencing, come to California, Governor Gavin Newsom, via statement
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Retired police officer Dave Bainbridge explains the devastation caused when his wife Michelle took her own life and urges people struggling with their mental health to &#92;
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